Symbol Mark

The symbol mark is based on the figures of customer satisfaction, humanism and social contribution, which are the corporate philosophies, while also symbolizing a new beginning and will. In order to symbolize the image of an advanced technology company and a company spreading out into the world, a fixed structure was avoided. A progressive diagonal word mark was used to improve the readability, and it emphasizes the image of moving forward as well as the checkpoint (v) to represent a company that always gathers attention and is selected.

eversymbol mark

Logo Type

· Korean signature ever 에버테크노[주] 국문시그니처
· English signature ever evertechno 영문시그니처

Corporate Color

· Spot color 별색
· 4 primary colors 4원색
Address433-15 Sandong-ro, Eumbong-myeon, Asan, Chungnam
Tel T. 041-580-6600   F. 041-580-6616    Emailevertechno@evertechno.co.kr